Special Investigations Unit (SIU)/Anti-Fraud Services

Special Investigations Unit (SIU)/Anti-Fraud Program

Anti-fraud statutes have become complex and violations can be subject to substantial fines, penalties or denial of a rate increase application. Titan has assembled a team of veteran SIU investigators, analysts and staff who can provide a cost-effective anti-fraud program in any business line or jurisdiction.

Special Investigations Unit (SIU) / Anti-Fraud Services

SIU / Anti-Fraud Compliance Services

  • Anti-fraud plan development and management
  • On-site consultation
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Annual fraud report preparation
  • State compliance and reporting
  • Online and in-person anti-fraud training
  • Local and federal law enforcement liaison

SIU Management

  • Overseeing all questionable claims investigations on client's behalf from inception to final adjudication.
  • Providing support and services to clients having designated legal units.
  • Monitoring and maintaining anti-fraud training records.
  • Creating anti-fraud bulletins and newsletters and distributing applicable information to client's staff.
  • Maintaining repository for appropriate records of anti-fraud activity for annual reports.
  • Assuring all SIU personnel meet or exceed annual training requirements of State regulators.
  • Management and oversight of client's investigative and surveillance vendors.

Fraud Prevention & Compliance Training Services

  • Anti-fraud training according to state regulations
  • SIU compliance training
  • State mandated continuing education

Other Anti-Fraud Services Available

  • Preparation of anti-fraud policy and procedure manual for distribution to mandated anti-fraud staff as required by State regulators.
  • Detection and filing of suspicious claims and suspicious issues referrals as may be mandated by State regulators.

For additional information about the SIU Services offered at Titan, please contact us at siu@titanpi.com.

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