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About Titan Investigative Alliance

Titan Investigative Alliance, LLC provides superior investigative services, uses only state-of-the-art equipment, and employs highly trained and licensed professional investigators to provide you with quality results.

The Intellectual Approach to Investigations

The mission of Titan Investigative Alliance, LLC is to develop the skills necessary to advance our profession and dispel many of the myths commonly associated with private investigators. We call it the "Intellectual Approach to Investigations." Advanced degrees in law, business, and psychology have proven valuable in allowing the principals to better understand the behavioral patterns of individuals so that the investigation into fraudulent claims takes on a whole new level. Whether it's an employee attempting to steal from co-workers or an individual golfing while alleging a serious back injury, Titan Investigative Alliance, LLC offers the technology to catch fraud-related activities. We thrive on listening to our clients, learning their needs and desires, and finding a way to fulfill these needs. We see that the work is performed timely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Starting with a no-cost initial interview, the staff at Titan Investigative Alliance, LLC work together with our clients to set guidelines, budget, and objectives. We keep you abreast of the facts as they become known and deliver a thorough, complete, written report of case results to you when you need them. You will find that Titan Investigative Alliance, LLC offers the highest standards of professionalism and a level of service and confidentiality that is unsurpassed. Finally, all investigations include a written report with still-photographs (taken from the surveillance video) at no additional charge, as well as a free copy of the surveillance video, and free shipping.

State-of-the-Art Surveillance Equipment

The Titan Advantage

  • State-of-the-Art Video and Photography Equipment
  • Specially Equipped Company Surveillance Vehicles
  • State-of-the-Art Computer and Mobile Technology
  • Highly-Skilled Investigators
  • Nationwide Vendor Partner Network (VPN)
  • 100% Licensed and Insured
  • 24-Hour Service and Availability
  • Rural and Urban Surveillance Capabilities
  • Court Appearance Experienced and Trained
  • Professional and Comprehensive Reporting

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