Insurance Claims Investigation Services

Claims Investigations

A thorough claim investigation will help obtain necessary information to access the validity of a claim and assist in eliminating fraud. Titan Claims Investigators are highly trained and ready to be assigned to handle all types of field investigative tasks.

Claims Investigation

Activity Checks

Legal and ethical investigative attempt to ascertain useful information regarding the claimant from local residents or neighbors of the Claimant.

Alive & Well Checks

The Alive & Well Check involves an announced or unannounced in-person interview with the Claimant to determine general health, current medical treatment, and additional pre-set information.

AOE/COE Investigations

AOE/COE investigators help determine if an injury is "arising out of employment" or is in the "course of employment."

Background Investigations

Whether it's a national comprehensive database, a print out of a driving history or a court house records search, we can cater our background investigations to our client's specific needs. Searches of statewide, county and federal criminal records can be conducted as well as county and federal level civil records. Depending upon individual state laws, we can develop a history of a claimant's prior work related injuries and identify assets. The subject's name, date of birth and social security number must be provided to assure proper identification.

Locate Services

Using a wide array of nationwide database searches, along with possible in-person courthouse searches and interviews, we will assist you in locating hard to find claimants or witnesses.

Record Checks & Retrieval

Public records retrieval can be a tedious, yet necessary, task. Our experienced investigators will provide you with on-site research of the most frequently requested public records.

Scene Investigations

A scene investigation of an accident or incident scene with photographs, videotape, measurements, equipment layout, traffic and traffic control devices, signage, and any other circumstances pertaining to the accident or incident can also be initiated.

Videotaped and Recorded Statements

A videotaped or recorded statement from the Claimant, or witness, regarding the facts pertaining to the Claimant's injury. Videotape statements are then made available to be viewed online while recorded statements can be transcribed into a written report upon request.

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