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Investigative Service Reference Guide

Following is a reference guide to several of the most requested investigative services provided by Titan Investigative Alliance. Contact us about other services that you don't see listed.


Surveillance is provided in order to document and videotape the Claimant's daily activities and determine if these activities are consistent with what the Claimant reports. Learn More

Social Networking/GOTCHA!® Deep Internet Search

We will conduct a comprehensive database search and investigative analysis. Our Information Analysis Team will determine if an individual has created a viewable website or joined any internet-based social networking groups. During our canvass we will be looking for information regarding a person's social activities and interests in the following areas: professional associations, groups and clubs, athletic interest or hobbies, cultural activities and interests, and e-Commerce. We have the ability to check the deep or invisible web for activities and businesses alike. Learn More

Claims Investigations

A thorough claim investigation will help obtain necessary information to access the validity of a claim and assist in eliminating fraud. Titan Claims Investigators are highly trained and ready to be assigned to handle all types of field investigative tasks including activity checks, alive and well checks, AOE/COE investigations, locate services, and more. Learn More

Medical Canvass

Determine previously undisclosed medical treatment of the Claimant that may have occurred prior to the alleged date of loss or injury of a workers' compensation claim. Learn More

Vendor Management

Titan has established a national network of investigative resources that can serve as your Vendor Partner Network (VPN) in the event that you would like us to develop or manage your company's approved vendor panel. Each company selected to be part of this proven program has been fully screened and selected based upon their investigative expertise and geographic location. All assignments will be worked by a trusted vendor partner that is properly licensed and fully insured.

Bundled Services

We now offer bundled services! Learn More

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