Surveillance Services

Titan Investigative Alliance, LLC, provides investigations using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, such as specially designed and equipped surveillance vehicles and high quality, long-range video equipment designed exclusively for covert operations within any surrounding area. Our surveillance equipment includes the use of the newest video cameras capable of magnifying a picture to permit undetected viewing of objectives at great distances. We also utilize night vision equipment in conjunction with our video cameras in obtaining difficult photographs at night. The use of pinhole type mini-cameras allows for videotaping situations inside buildings, stores, and other enclosed areas while a color video printer enables the extraction of photographs on a frame by frame basis from the video film. All evidence obtained is immediately ready for court presentation.

Courtroom Testimony Insurance Fraud

State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Specially-Equipped Company Surveillance Vehicles
  • Advanced Video Camera with High Powered Zoom and Low-Light Capabilities
  • Mini Cameras For Covert Indoor Surveillance
  • Bogen Tripods For Steady Broadcast Quality Videotape
  • Lap-Top Computer and Mobile Technology

Highly Skilled Investigators

  • Nationwide Vendor Partner Network (VPN)
  • 100% Licensed and Insured
  • Available Anytime
  • Rural and Urban Surveillance Capabilities
  • Court Appearance Experienced and Trained

Quality Service Results for Clients

  • Updates Given Daily or as Requested
  • Verbal, Fax, or Email as Requested
  • Reports Given as Needed with a 24 Hour Capability
  • Video Documentation Available in all Current Media Formats
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